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From here, you can prepare a feature sheet on any MLS listed property with breakdown of (3) different financing options - 5%, 10%, and 25% down payment. For realtors, you can input all your particulars above, and upload a picture of yourself, and it will be generated on the sheet, along with a picture of the property you are featuring. All you have to do is put in the Property ID - this can be done by clicking the HELP button, put the MLS number in the next screen, and the MLS listing will open up. From here, you will find the Property ID in the address bar - see the picture example on the page.

CREA owns the MLS® trade mark and has a proprietary interest in the REALTOR trade mark. The REALTOR trade mark is an assurance of integrity. It can only be used in Canada by members of The Canadian Real Estate Association who accept and respect a strict Code of Ethics. The real estate data base systems operated by our member boards and associations under the MLS® trade mark provide an ongoing inventory of available properties and ensure maximum exposure of properties listed for sale. This is important because about 90 per cent of all resale homes in Canada go through MLS®. The association also operates the and web sites, and the intranet REALTOR Link™ site for members across Canada.
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