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Free Home Warranty
Get a Free Home Warranty for 1 year that pays for up to $10,000 of parts and labour for any major mechanical and electrical system repairs (furnace, air conditioner, plumbing, electrical, etc). This is a $250 value, absolutely free. When you purchase a new home, you have coverage from the builder and the manufacturers, but when you are purchasing a resale home, you are all alone. This is a great feature, and it's absolutely free. Certain conditions apply.

Cash Back Programs
Get up to 3% cash back of your mortgage amount, to help you with your closing costs, or discharge penalties if you are refinancing. That's $4,500 on a $150,000 mortgage. We have many lenders who will pay you for your business, and let a mortgage specialist get it for you.

Interest Rate Discounts
You should always compare more than the rates, but they are certainly on the top of the list. Depending what term you choose, if you act now you could get anywhere from 0.50% to 1.20% off the current mortgage rates.

Save Money with Title Insurance
In some cases a new survey may be required or one is just not available. To get a new one, you are looking at a cost between $600-800. In lieu of a survey, many of our lenders will accept title insurance, at an approximate cost of $200, thus saving you hundreds of dollars at closing.

A word to the wise on some promotions!
There are many promotions, some old, some new, and some yet to be delivered, brought out to attract the public at large. Now, some are genuinely good and helpful if used for the right reason but be wary of these in general. Do the math or consult with a mortgage specialist at to help you sort through the maze. Some offer no payments for 6 months, others thousands of dollars cash-back to you. In general, a pretty generous discount arranged through a mortgage specialist will save you more than the above on similar mortgage term?

We can offer you whatever is available, but isn't it comforting to know that a suggestion will be made by your mortgage specialist as to which once will save you more.

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