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We are pleased to announce the launch of the's Partner Points Program. This has been a long dream of ours that has finally come to fruition. Our ongoing quest is how to add more value for our valued clients who are the lifeblood of not our organization, but all organizations. Service will always be considered a primary objective but we as a company, wanted to do even more. You see, a lot of our business now comes from the referral of past and current satisfied clients, associates, as well as strategic partners. We wanted to say "Thank You" in a special way.

The Partner Points way!

Become a Referring Partner and earn valuable Partner Points to win terrific prizes. Your first successful referral gets you in the prize category. Or, save your Partner Points for better prizes.

How Does It Work?

Refer any friend, family, or colleague that is looking to get a mortgage, or has a mortgage that is coming due to our site to apply, or, if they are not able to go on the internet to apply, have them call us or ask us to call them. Should they decide to use our services, you will earn valuable points that you can use towards great prizes.

To keep track of your referrals, please fill-out the Referral Form with their details and yours. Or, you can either call us with the information, toll-free at 1-888-588-6666 (outside 416 area code) or 416-696-9866.

Once they apply to us, we will keep you posted of pending transactions, and once the mortgage has closed, your pending points are transferred to your account. Your account will be updated so that when you Log-In, you will be notified of how many points you have and you can search through the great prizes and order OnLine any of the ones you have points for, or let them accumulate for the bigger prizes.

Your Partner Points Program includes:

  • Online catalogue featuring great brand name merchandise including sports equipment, household appliances, and much more.
  • Partner Points statement will be e-mailed and/or mailed monthly to update your running total, or simply login online and check your points status.
  • Partner Points membership card that will be sent to you upon registration.

If you are interested in becoming a Partner Points member, simply click on the button "Becoming A Member" and fill-out the online membership form. If you have any questions regarding the program, please call to speak to a representative at 1-888-588-6666 or 416-696-9866 in the (416) area code.

We hope that you will decide to become a Partner Points member and begin to earn your points right away.

Partner Points Administrator

How Many Points Do I Earn?

For each successful referral, you earn 300 points. There are 25 prizes in this category alone. (to check these out, simply Log-In, or go and do a search of prizes)

Any other person you help to become a Partner Points Member, you will earn 50 points. If any one of their referrals becomes our client, then you will earn an additional 100 points.

I don't believe that there is any other program that rewards you better, on an ongoing basis like the Partner Points program.

How Can I Claim My Prize(s)

Simply LOGIN (make sure you remember your User ID and Password) and you will be updated of how many points you have in your account. You can then search the available prizes online by either typing what type of prize you are interested in, or simply use the drop-down points menu and select which points level you would like to view prizes in.

The rest is easy. Once you have decided on which prize(s) you would like, click on the button that submits the order online to us. We will confirm the receipt of the order and promptly order the prize(s) you have selected.

For details on delivery and receiving of prizes, please refer to the Disclaimer section.

Submit Your Referral Online:

If you know of someone that you can refer to us at this time, simply fill out the short form below so that we can record who that client was referred by. Once they apply, we will note it on your profile of pending transactions referred by you. Once the transaction has been successfully completed, the pending points will be credited to your Partner Points account. It's easy to win.

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