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You may have already found out that your bank has limits in its lending policies and your situation doesn't conform to them. Whether you are self-employed, commissioned, on contract work, have less-than-perfect credit, or buying or refinancing commercial or industrial property, be prepared for a little hassle. You may still want to buy the home of your dreams (or refinance that existing mortgage) but feel that there is no other way. There is another

At, we are more successful at placing these mortgages as we have many more lenders at our disposal, who have more flexible lending policies. Your unique situation requires someone who understands it and has tailored products for it. It's as easy as 1-2-3!. provides you with a FREE mortgage analysis and best of all, you'll know just how much you qualify for usually within a 24 hour period. Some situations take longer due to their nature and we will keep you posted with results. Simply apply online or call 1-888-588-6666, and speak with one of our mortgage specialists at

For the Self-Employed Professionals
There are more people working independently than ever before, and the numbers are rising. Some become entrepreneurs by choice, and some due to changes in today's work environment. When the time comes when you are seeking mortgage financing to buy the home of your dreams, or trying to refinance an existing mortgage, or need some cash infusion in your business to help it grow, talk to us first.

For the most part, income verification is the big problem here, and also the length of time in the business. We have mortgage products ranging from no income verification to low documentation, and we will recommend one that could meet your borrowing needs.

We have helped many people who fall in this category: consultants, artists, musicians, actors, restaurateurs, realtors, commissioned sales people, doctors, lawyers, accountants, freelance workers, builders, designers, home renovators, dancers, hairdressers, etc.

Less-Than-Perfect Credit Rating
Whether you have fallen behind on paying some bills, or you've filed for bankruptcy for whatever reason, obtaining a first or second mortgage is not impossible. Even if you have been turned down in the past, can help with our "easy-qualifier" mortgage program. Some situations will require that a nominal fee to be charged by for this service, but you will always be advised of it and the amount.

We have the lenders for your specific situation, and we'll provide you mortgage service with a personal touch. Become a proud homeowner and feel secure knowing that you are paying off your own mortgage instead of your landlord's, increasing your equity daily, and improving your credit history.

Commercial and Industrial Property Financing
This type of financing is not everyone's cup of tea, especially the banks. They either don't finance certain property types (mixed use such as retail storefront with apartment(s) above, industrial plazas and units, small office buildings, multiunit dwellings and apartments, etc.). And the ones that they do, the mortgage amounts must exceed certain levels, and of course, all proper documentation and property must meet their requirements.

Not only do we have a number of financial institutions, we also have private lenders who will entertain many varied requests.
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